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crypto art for conservation

Benevolent Blockchain is a novel form of long-term NFT project that sits at the intersection of science, technology, conservation, art and finance.

We are curating a collection of 1,000 unique digital artworks, each a 1/1 original depicting a species of life and to be minted as an NFT on Polygon. The collection will be released in stages over the coming months and years.

Half of all project gross revenues (from both primary and secondary sales) are contributed to the Bio Fund; a fund that is distributed in its entirety to conservationist causes each year.

Half of the Bio Fund will be donated to beneficiaries who we have agreed to support, including WWF-UK, the IUCN Species Survival Commission and the International Rhino Foundation. The other half will be distributed at the discretion of the Biowork holders.

Federico Paoli - Poison Dart Frog.png

Poison Dart Frog by Federico Paoli


Eloh - Mimic Octopus.jpg

Mimic Octopus by Eloh

Ambitiously curated from a selection of exceptionally talented digital artists, the diverse collection offers a tribute to the biodiversity of the living world

Each species (e.g. the Lion) will only ever be depicted once; allowing holders to collect truly unique pieces by their favourite artists.

Each artwork contains the Biochain Tree; sometimes subtly incorporated by the artist, sometimes used by them in more of a traditional signature fashion.

The presence of the Biochain Tree in a piece indicates that it is, what we call, a Biowork. By buying, selling or owning an original Biowork you are contributing to the conservation of the natural world.

Minimising Carbon is first and foremost a collective effort for environmental conservation. As such, we are looking to minimise our carbon impact by launching on the eco-friendly Polygon network.

The shift towards less energy intensive blockchain solutions is a key step to the wider adoption of the Web3 ecosystem. Launching on Polygon hopes to contribute towards that shift.

A transaction on Polygon equates to emissions of just 0.0003kg of CO2*.

*As stated by Polygon on 6 December 2021

Massimo Magee - Brewer's Yeast - Image_edited_edited.jpg

Brewer's Yeast by Massimo Magee

Token Value

Oscar Civit - Red-tailed Hawk.png

Red-tailed Hawk by Civit

Limited collection of Bioworks that will drop in successive series over the life of the project.

As exclusively original pieces, all Bioworks are rare. Nevertheless, they are set apart by a number of attributes, such as the artist that created them, the species that they depict and artistic style.


Bioworks carry a suite of valuable rights, including the right to nominate and vote upon Bio Fund beneficiaries and the chance to attract airdrops of rare Bioworks from future series.

Project Status

The collection will be released in successive series from launch. The first of these series, the Genesis series, is in development; follow our socials to keep up to date on launch timings. The species to be included in the Genesis series are detailed on the Bioworks page.


The Bioworks in each series will be sold via a novel form of auction, where any bid can win (not necessarily just the highest). The first of the Genesis Bioworks are open for bidding at the official OpenSea collection; any bids made now will be eligible for the Genesis auction. For more information, including on how to secure a whitelist spot, please visit the Auction page and follow our socials.

Emily Edelman - Yucca Moth.png

Yucca Moth by Emily Edelman

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