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About is a collection of 1,000 beautiful and wholly original 1/1 digital artworks, each depicting a species of life and to be released in stages over the coming months and years. Designed by a collective of immensely talented artists with half of all of project gross revenues being donated to conservationist causes, aims to become the leading example of benevolent blockchain.

The blockchain is a powerful force; it can do a world of good if leveraged responsibly. By launching on the Polygon network, Biochain seeks to raise much needed funds for the fight against climate change whilst minimising the carbon impact of the project's underlying technology.


Unlike traditional generative art projects, each artwork (known as a Biowork) is painstakingly created in isolation. Accordingly, following the Genesis series drop, the collection will continue to grow towards its maximum supply of 1,000 as additional pieces are curated over the coming months and years. The vision is long-term; implementation will be meticulous and early adopters will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences and airdropped Bioworks.

Ruffensteint - Scarlet Caterpillarclub.png

Scarlet Caterpillarclub by Ruffensteint



With over 30 years experience in the financial markets, in product, service and business development roles at leading buy-side and sell-side institutions, Guy leads the corporate and finance sides of the project.


With a background in providing high-level strategic relationship and reputation management advice to clients including governments, international institutions, and high net worth individuals, Ant leads the project's communications strategy.


With a background in natural sciences, programming and technology, Aemon leads on the smart contract and other technological elements of the project.

Federico Paoli - Crested Guineafowl.png

Crested Guineafowl by Federico Paoli


Isn't blockchain bad for the environment?

It doesn't have to be. Polygon is incredibly energy efficient, and uses a fraction of the energy that a proof-of-work blockchain does. By launching the project on Polygon, we are supporting the sustainable use of blockchain; diminishing reliance on energy-intensive blockchains rather than promoting it. The perfect solution has not yet been developed, but that shouldn't stop us from raising funds for environmental causes now; we believe Polygon offers the best balance between minimising carbon impact and benefitting from an established network.


How do I purchase a Biowork?

Given their originality and limited number, Bioworks will not be sold via a traditional mint mechanism. Instead, primary sales will be conducted by way of novel form of auction; please see the Auction page for more details. Other than that, Bioworks should be available on the secondary markets; please ensure any such secondary purchases are from the official OpenSea collection (to be launched soon).


What rights attach to a Biowork?

The collection of rights that will attach to a Biowork will evolve and augment across the life of the project, but is expected to include (at a minimum):

  • the right to propose and vote upon causes to become beneficiaries of the Bio Fund;

  • access to exclusive spaces and experiences offered by our partners; and

  • the chance to be airdropped rare Bioworks from future series.

In the future, Bioworks of certain attributes (e.g. of a particular genus, series, artist, etc.) may attract special rights, whether on their own or when collected in the same wallet as other Bioworks with similar attributes (e.g. collecting multiple Bioworks of the same genus might boost their voting rights).

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